Maarten Gietelink

Focus: Asset Finance, FinTech

Maarten Gietelink graduated in 1993 from the University of Leiden.

Following graduation he worked at Price Waterhouse. In 1995 he joined Nedship Bank (now part of DVB) to set up the Structured Finance department. From 1998 through 2003 he worked as a structured finance and financial engineering specialist at ABN AMRO. From 2004 through 2011 he worked at Rabobank International where he managed several businesses including the Structured Finance Funding & Investments group.

Maarten can be reached at  +31 6 5021 7003 or by e-mail:


Gertjan de Jong

Focus: Renewable Energy

Gertjan de Jong graduated in 1995 from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Following graduation he worked as a tax lawyer at W & R Tax Lawyers in Rotterdam. In 2000 he joined the international law firm CMS. At CMS Gertjan focused predominantly on structuring financing for real estate and renewable energy transactions. In 2007 Gertjan joined as Director Structuring the Dutch renewable energy company Econcern. As of 2008 Gertjan worked as an independent consultant in the renewable energy and shipping market.

Gertjan can be reached at +31 6 5158 1237 or by e-mail:



Thijs Schuller

Focus: Renewable Energy (sustainable projects)

Thijs Schuller graduated in 1996 from University of Leiden.

Following graduation he worked at Ernst&Young in The Hague. As of 2001 he worked both as independent consultant and as a partner in various alternative investment firms in amongst others the real estate, renewable energy and shipping market. At ThoroFinance Thijs focuses on realising sustainable projects (energy/f/food/agriculture) as a consultant, co-investor and entrepeneur.

Thijs can be reached at +31 6 1502 3195 or by e-mail:


Steven Deurloo

Focus: FinTech, Asset Finance

Steven Deurloo gained master degrees in Economics and Law in Groningen in 1992 and following a mandatory time in the Dutch armed forces (as tank commander) started as a tax lawyer at KPMG Meijburg & Co in Amsterdam. In 1997 he joined Citibank where he worked as a structured finance specialist out of the London and Tokyo office. He moved back to Amsterdam in 2002 where he joined ING Bank and was hired in 2007 by global multi-strategy hedge fund Stark Investments to set up the Amsterdam office and manage a number of private equity/illiquid investments. Steven joined ThoroFinance in 2014. 

Steven can be reached at +31 6 1449 2362 or by e-mail: