FinTech are individuals or organisations who use financial technology to improve ways of transacting business, arranging personal and commercial finance and is rapidly emerging as an important part of today's financial services industry. We are well suited to assist FinTech as we are financial arrangers and entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of this industry, its restrictions (e.g. regulatory), market opportunities and through our wide access to financing sources.  


Raising capital

FinTech companies who require seed capital, early stage or growth financing will typically find it easy to have discussions regarding their ideas and business plans with many potential business partners, financiers and investors. At the same time these parties have their own investment restrictions, expertise, investment portfolio's and preferences of communication. As a result the whole proces of raising capital can be quite overwhelming, time consuming and sometimes resulting in little progress. This is where we can make a big difference. 


Our experience

We have assisted many startups and established companies within various sectors of FinTech, including retail banking, Supply Chain Finance, mortgage providers, crowdfunding and other platforms.